Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fruit Salad Anyone?

Today my hubby and I went to the local “antique-shops”, I called them more or less Grandma’s Attic, but every so often you can find something special.  Today was my lucky day.  I found more stone fruit at a very cheap price, *tada*, $1.00 each, yes, I said $1.00 each for a grand total of $5.00.  I have seen stone fruit being sold anywhere from $10.00 for one piece all the way to near $100.00 for a piece.  I had a few pieces, the strawberries were given to me, I found the green grapes in a junk shop the light green pear was a gift . Today I found purple grapes, a banana, a peach, a nectarine and a dark green pear, or at least I think it is a pear. They are all in great shape, the dark green pear does have a tiny chip on the top, very small and for the price I was not going to leave it there.  Now they have been washed and are happily displayed in my vintage black and white transfer ware bowl.  I love how they blend in with my fruit prints, another great find for $1.00 each.  I found these months ago on another little antique trip we took. With a little bit of old fashion elbow grease on the frames and washing the glass they came out precious.  I guess my style of decorating is Cheapy–Cheap Roadside Chic!

Wishing everyone a very happy Saturday!

 Stone Fruit 004Stone Fruit 005


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

WOW those are wonderful - I can't believe the prices! They look great on your hutch too. Perfect for the harvest season - all year really!!

I have tried the oil crayons and about every other method for stenciling. I didn't like the oil crayons - they don't give the same dry brush look that I like. I have a friend who used them and when they wanted to repaint the wall, they had a lot of trouble because of the oil. Did you find that?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the fruit! I am always looking for wooden apples! Your shelves look amazing! Love your blog! The banner is cute!

Shelley said...

Great finds Martha,I love going treasure seeking...I see your following is really growing...I for one love coming to visit you. I'm sure the others are having fun coming here too....


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I'm a bit late getting to all myh favorite blogs this week but with teh holiday it sort of put things out of kilter.

Your stone fruit is just fortunate you are able to find it in bits and pieces.

It's always great seeing you visit my blog...THANK YOU!!!

Oh, I just love your blog look - great header photo of you.
Are you using Windows Live Writer for your layout and posts????