Saturday, August 22, 2009

Textures around the home

Living Room 2009 015 007 004 005 006 Wool that was sheared and spun by my son Antique copper candlestick Browneyed Susans from August flower garden Candle LightCandle Light Glow Canvas PortraitChippy paint table and old metal can Dried tiny sunflowers and bittersweetCandles    Homespun Rag Balls in Wooden BlowFaux Book once was a box for maple syrup-Burlington, VT ♥ Fresh Tomato on a bright green plate Fresh tomatoe and vintage potholder  Hooked wool pillow New transferware Old Black and Whie Transferware Old Books and Wooden Box Old Gameboard and marbles Old Quilt made into a small pillow Old Quilt made into a small pillow square Pinecones, gourd and Robin's nest and egg Rusty Metal and Old Wooden Rakes Shiny Canning Jars and Old Glass Jar Squirrel that once belonged to my mother and faux acorn Very Old Glass Paperweight

Jennifer at Taylor’s Farm House Attic had joined in the fun of showing different textures around the home, she did her post after reading Carolyn’s blog at Primitive Devotion.  I thought it would be fun to play along!

I have some photos of different objects around my home to share.  One of my most favorite is what I call my nature display, I have pinecones that are very special, one is from my husband when he went to Florida to visit friends many years ago, another pine cone is one that my son brought home to me from a stop he had in Oregon, another was given to me by my precious granddaughter when she was about 3, one I found in Seattle when I first went there to meet my first ♥ born grandson, this was almost 10 years ago!  The others were given to me by my grandchildren at different times.  The Robin’s egg I found when my grandsons were here and my husband found a nest when he was walking our little pug.  The gourd was a gift from my grandchildren when we were in Vermont last summer, they found it and gave it to me.  These are my most precious little treasures.  I also treasure a fabric covered box filled with yarn that my son took from sheep to spinning into yarn in  a fibers class he took in college;  the old darners belonged to my mother.  The glass paper-weight belonged to my dad.  The squirrel once belonged to my mother, it was a gift I had given her many, many years ago.  She had a squirrel that would come to her when she called him, she had named him “Little Pip” so for Christmas I had given her a squirrel to display year round, that was over twenty years ago!  The little wooden box with books holds my dad’s bank book from 1950!  It also holds a little address book that once belonged to him.

These objects are not just textures in my home, but treasures filled with memories. 


Shelley said...

Hi Martha,I loved seeing your many texture treasures. Thanks for sharing them....


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Love thnm all Martha! Some prim, some vintage - so many pretty colors!!

american girl primitives said...


I just noticed you are one of my new followers. I love your blog header. I still have my original Raggedy Ann and Andy.

I love your kitchen. I've been looking at your pictures and this is exactly what I want to do. I've not seen too many white prim kitchens. Those are the exact same drawer pulls I would like to put in my new house. Email me if you get a chance I'd love to know about the details of your remodel and paint choices.