Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Going To Disney World

I am off to Walt Disney World tomorrow morning and will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside on Disney property, I am on a mission!
I get to visit my son, his wife, my precious granddaughter, Micaela and her silly and adorable baby brother Ashton. I will see my grandsons Sage and Cole and will be bringing them back home with me to spend part of their summer vacation. I will not see my oldest son because he has to work, but I will see my DIL. They all live in Sarasota. My son, two daughters in law and the grandchildren will be driving to Orlando tomorrow morning.
I will also get to see my brother and one his sons and his family. It will be a short visit with a lot of memories being made. My son who lives at home is there now with his friend, she is there on business and we are hoping to meet up at one of the parks.
My little Pug is not too happy to see me go, she knows something is up when she sees luggage! She will be well loved by my husband and daughter. I told her to enjoy the quiet time because by Sunday afternoon she will have two little boys around the house! My travel Raggedy Ann is waiting on the luggage, I take her whenever I go away, either her or her little "sister". . .they keep my connected to home and make my room feel more like a home away from home. I also have my carry on bag stuffed with Country Sampler back issues. . .it can get lonely at night in a hotel room so looking at the magazines will help pass the evening.

(My side-lite hand crocheted panel looks awful in this photo! A memo to self to take care of that after I get home!)

Micaela and Ashton, see you soon.

Sage and Cole hope you are ready for your visit to my house for summer vacation. I call my son my Ghost Child because whenever I go to Florida I only get to see him for a short time or like this visit not at all.
Wishing everyone a great rest of the week and a happy weekend!


Shelley said...

Hi Martha,sounds like you are in for a good time. So glad you are getting to spend time with your dear ones...that's very special! I bet your grandsons are so excited to be coming back home with you. I pray your trip is a safe and pleasent one....
Good to see you got your kitchen back in order. I know that was a relief to you.


Shelley said...

Oh yes, I wanted to say I love your header with all your beautiful Raggedies! When you start to make some more and I am able to do so. I would love so much to buy one from you. They are truly so special....I have a lot of vintage material that would make some sweet clothes for your dolls.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

How was your trip??

If you go back and read my post about organizing my spice cabinet and painting inside, you'll see why I won't be painting my kitchen cabinets any time soon. Shucks!!

hugs, Linda

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh believe me, if DH was the least bit OK with it, I would gladly tackle the entire job myself. I have wanted to paint them for YEARS!! I agree - a soft tan would be great and I think it would improve the value of the house too. So while I haven't given up totally ( a girl can hope, right?) I won't be tackling it (the issue or the painting) any time soon.

I love what your grand kids call you! Have fun in NYC!!

hugs, Linda