Thursday, June 18, 2009

Disney, Decor and Summer Days

I am back home after my trip to Orlando to visit family and bring home two of my grandsons, Sage and Cole. They are my oldest son's two children. Ever since Sage was 5 it has been tradition to have him spend part of the summer with us. As Cole got older he came to visit too, this is his second summer. My granddaughter spent a week with us 3 years ago, my son and his family came to visit and stayed an extra week. My youngest grandson, Ashton is still a bit to young to come and stay, he is Micaela's little brother and they are my 4Th son's children.

I had a wonderful visit with my family and I got to see my brother and one of his sons and his family. The weather was perfect, but the time went too fast. We are planning another trip in October around Halloween, the kids love to go to Disney around that time. What I love the most about Disney are the details in the decorations and the details in the different parks. I only go on a few rides, I am not one who likes to be scared to death on rides. It's A Small World is what I can handle!

Now I am home and enjoying spending time with my two grandsons. They walk in and it's like they never left here. They enjoy playing outside, we go to the school playground where we saw a red-fox and the other day a wild turkey. I have many deer in my yard so they are now the deer watchers and the youngest will tell them to go away if they get to close to my flower beds! Both boys know to stay away from the deer. Tonight we are taking the train into NYC to see the Lion King on Broadway. When my granddaughter stayed with us we had taken her to Philadelphia, it was short notice and they were the only tickets we could get. My daughter in law had sent me info for discounts for the show in NYC so we were able to get the tickets well in advance. I really enjoyed the show when I saw it and I am hoping the boys will enjoy it as much as we do. It will be a long day today since we will not be getting home before 1:00 A.M. I pray we do not miss the last train out of Penn Station!

I have added a few pictures, one is of my great-nieces, Ali and Ariane and my granddaughter Micaela. I called them Disney Princesses!

There is a picture of my youngest grandson with Rafiki, a character from the Lion King.

My grandsons, Sage and Cole with their Aunt Laura, my daughter, they were being silly playing with paper string poppers.

Lastly are some living room photos. Our wedding anniversary was on June 15 so I took the boys with me to go to my favorite furniture store to pick out my anniversary gift (My husband bought something he wanted related to baseball cards and I bought a table! We are both very happy with the gifts "we gave each other"! Hahaha!) Little boys do not enjoy looking at furniture or house things, they were good for as long as they could be and then started asking, "can we go now?", over and over. After looking around, to what may have seemed like forever to them I spotted the table. It is round with a three prong leg and painted a barn red color. It is perfect for my living room. I had been looking a long time for a new table to use in the living room. The boys were happy to get home so they could play and so was I , I got to "play decorator"! My husband also gave me the paper mache antique rabbit on the table in front of the sofa. This is an antique candy holder. I have rabbits in my living room (not real ones!) I just love rabbits and they seem to end up in the living room. I think it all started when I read a book about bunnies and their adventures, you know the type of children's story book where the animals wear clothing and they go to school and learn lesson in life, I read this story when I was a little girl and just loved the illustrations and the story and I guess that influenced me! The paper mache rabbit is a gift for my birthday. . .which is not until July 16th! I saw this rabbit when we went antiquing and I had to have it, I was afraid someone else would come along and snatch it.

Today, from the song sung by Timon, a charachter in the Lion King, I wish you Hakuna Matata which means NO WORRIES in Swahili.

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Shelley said...

Hi Martha,sounds like the trip was wonderful but if you are like me its always good to get back home.
Have lots of fun and good times with your GRANDS...mine really can wear me down but I love having them around.