Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yes, There is an Easter Bunny!

And I have a photo to prove it! Caught on camera running as fast as he could. . .
a secret meeting with someone perhaps?

Sure enough, he was going to meet Raggedy Ann and show her where he plans on hiding Easter Eggs! Raggedy Ann looks up in surprise, OH NO, she tells the Easter Bunny to turn around and look up, he would see the paparazzi looking at them!There they are with a look of surprise, caught and photographed, so now the secret is out, there really is an Easter Bunny.

I made this little set to sell on eBay, if you are familiar with the Raggedy and Ann and Andy stories there is an illustration of Raggedy Ann, Andy and the Easter Bunny. This is my take on the illustration.

Last night it was getting late and I wanted to photograph them outside with the
hyacinths, I was so amused after I downloaded my photos onto the computer, there was this photo that looked like the little bunny was running away! I was in such a rush I must have moved the camera to have his image look the way it does. . .or maybe, as the dolls and the toys and the animals in the Raggedy Ann and Andy stories, they really do come to life?


May your day be filled with surprise and your ♥ be filled with the the love and imagination of a child.


Elaine said...

I love looking at your home and photos Martha, and adore your Annies.

Love and blessings

Shelley said...

Oh your little Raggedy story made me smile....I love seeing all your are blessed with much talent....

Blessings to you,Martha......

Bettsi said...

How adorable! Martha, you are so talented! What a great little pair.

Threeundertwo said...

So fun to have found your blog! I've always been a big Raggedy Ann fan.

I love the Easter bunny, and your hyacinths make the perfect backdrop.