Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have been busy getting the lawnmowers ready for mowing the lawn. I think as I am getting older the yard is getting bigger, it takes me twice as long to mow now, we do have a BIG yard, almost an acre and my old bones are finding it harder and harder to walk and push that heavy mower. When I finish I stand back and think how thankful I am that I was able to mow and that I have a yard to mow. So that is job that is done, until next week. . .again!

I also have been busy getting my flower beds cleaned up and planting the tulips that were given to me on Easter. I also potted some flowers and bought two geraniums to hang on my shepard's hook. I love when the flowers are in bloom, the entire yard looks so colorful.

I also stripped down a cupboard I had. I bought this in Michigan about 25 years ago. It was in an antique shop and I was told it came from an old house. It was painted a blue/grey color and a few years ago I painted it a colonial red. After I had the kitchen done last year the cupboard found a home in the basement because I did not know what I was going to do with it or if I would use it again. While at the hardware store a few weeks ago I bought some paint stripper, I was going to use it on something else but instead used it on the cupboard. I thought I was going to find a beautiful wood underneath the red and blue paint but I was really surprised as to what I found! After letting the stripper set I used the stripping tool, the red and blue paint came off like the peel of a banana! I was pleased that this was going to be so easy, but underneath was a very pale creamy white with a tinge of yellow, almost like cream or real butter before color is added to make it yellow. This paint would not budge, not matter how much stripper I put on it or sanded! I cleaned it up and let it dry and I am in love with it. There are some areas where the paint was worn away, the cupboard looks great. I am thinking maybe this was milk paint since it does not want to come off. Right now I have it setting on the kitchen floor until I decide where I will put it. I am so thrilled, it was like finding a buried treasure!

I hope everyone has been well and if busy, busy doing things you enjoy. I also have been doing the regular house-hold chores and making my little prim Raggedy Ann dolls, I think they are upset with me though because they have been pushed aside. I figure when we are having great weather I want to take advantage of doing what needs doing outside and doing projects that need to be done in the garage.


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