Saturday, December 6, 2008

A New Used Car for Me!

I wrote about our frightening adventure driving home from Vermont after Thanksgiving. I told how my car was rendered "dead", through no fault of my own!

I also wrote about how great the drive up went. I did not mention about a car that passed us, when I saw this car I said to my husband, "what a cute car, I wonder what type of Chevy it is," he has bought all of his cars from the same dealer except for two cars, one he won and one that he had bought from another dealership. I said to him that in 3-4 years when were are ready to buy another car I wanted to learn more about the car that passed us, I loved how it look, old fashion, like me! Of course in that time frame the car may have become extinct.

I did not want to have to go out running around from dealer to dealer looking for a car, I just wanted something I would feel comfortable in, something safe and with good gas mileage. So, on Wednesday after I had finished decorating my house for Christmas I got on line and looked up the Chevy dealer where my husband bought his cars. . .I have never owned a new car, I would be afraid to drive one thinking someone would hit me two seconds after I was on the road! I knew what I was looking for used but certified with all the warranties and guarantees that come with a new car. I went to the preowned tab at the website and the first car that appeared was the same style as the car that passed us on the way to Vermont! I had to pinch myself, the color was the same, it was the same! My husband had stopped off that night to get groceries, I could not wait for him to come home to show him. Meanwhile I called the dealer, told them about the car on the website and I wanted to see it.

Since I was not able to go there the next day the dealer drove it to me! I test drove it and then after some back and forth negotiations I bought a car! This morning I picked it up. I love it, it is cute, drives very well, roomy enough for our needs and I love the extra storage and cargo area in the back! Now when I go to an antique shop and see a large item I want I can bring it home. . .OH, Wait, my husband said this was my Christmas gift and for awhile I cannot go out and buy big antique items (but he did not say new/big stuff!) I am just kidding.

I am so happy that I found a car quickly, the price was great and it has all this extra stuff that I never thought I would have in a car along with the warranties, etc. My favorite thing is there is a CD player, I brought a Christmas CD with me to play on the drive home, it was great listening to it while driving. I am a bit nervous though driving it, it is so different from my old Buick. I also thought my Buick was about 7 years old, my husband said it was 12 years old!

I did ask Santa for some floor mats though, I am as fussy with my car as I am with my house! Maybe he will bring them, after all they would be for the car and not me!

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