Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wondering Where I have been since November 4th?

Well, let me tell you. No, not having fun, that's for sure!

I have been working in our basement. I went down to look at my Christmas decorations and to check out the storage area, something I do every year at this time. Since we will be going away for Thanksgiving I wanted to make sure that all my Christmas stuff would be ready for me to start decorating when we returned. I have to admit that I was being a bit careless about checking on stuff down there, hey, if I did not need anything from the storage, why look, I have learned that I will be going down there everyday from now on! Half of our basement if finished and the other side is for storage.

Well, this is what I found, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, Right?

If only "they" had been this cute it would not have been a problem! They could have lived there forever, but no, they were not cute and they had made a mess! After days of cleaning and throwing out tons of things, some of my Christmas
items, some collectibles, books, the list goes on.

They were made to leave, yes, ALL of them. They were told that if they return the picture would not be very pretty.
So, to make a long story short, I have been cleaning up mice messes, throwing out stuff and the cost was crazy. . .I can think of a million other places where the money could have been spent, but hopefully this will never happen again, EVER. . .or I will be moving out! The exterminator said that the worse is over and it better be.
I am a very neat/orderly/clean housekeeper, I cannot stand a messy house or a messy anything so this was very upsetting. I am certain there is a lesson someplace in there to be learned, when I learn it I will share with you.
And in closing if I hear or see anything related to "cute*little*mice" I am going to SCREAM!


Carla said...

Yes, it's a shame they aren't as cute as the cartoons. Sorry to hear of your infestation.

Shelley said...

Hi Martha,the pictures are very cute,but I know what a pest rats,and mice can be,and the damage they can cause. As you well know! So sorry for the things you lost.