Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow*People Fun

Yesterday I told you all about my adventure in mouse-land. This was a big clean up job, I lost count of how many trips up/down the basement steps, out the door and to the dumpster in the driveway I had to make. After all the disinfecting came the cleaning and then the organizing. Now everything has a special "spot", I have Christmas Corner, Halloween/Autumn area, Easter/Spring and an area for my children's old toys, all of those items were spared! I am happy to say that my basement storage area is now completed.

Today I did more organizing, but this time it was fun. I have a large collection of Snow*People and I am happy to say I did not have to throw out too many of them. I also have a large collection of Santas. I do not display all of my collections at one time, I change them out year to year and add to my collection every year. I use my Santas in December and after Christmas I bring out my Snow*People. I do use some of my Snow*People in December. What I did today was bring up the ones I plan on using this year. My fabric Santa sitting on the shelf I made 3 years ago and I leave him in the cabinet all the time, he is the first Santa I bring out. You can see a sparkling Santa, he is new this year, from Home Goods. I hope to bring up my Santas before I leave for Vermont on Wednesday. I want to have everything ready to start my holiday decorating when we come home. For now they are happy to be living in my mother's armoire in my living room. I will enjoy displaying them around my home for the holiday season, I love to decorate for Christmas, heck, I just love to decorate!

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