Saturday, September 13, 2008

My prettiest and most favorite doll is . . .

My daughter Laura, today is her birthday, Happy Birthday Dear Laura!

I will never forget the night she was born, I had four sons and really was hoping to have a little girl to dress up and fix her hair, all the girly girl things you cannot do with sons. I remember the doctor saying "It's a girl", I went into shock and made him repeat it over and over until I got to hold her. In those days you did not find out what you were having, I think that makes is more exciting. Well, I had my little girl who, when she started walking and talking turned out to be a little tomboy. She did not like fussy dresses, would tackle her brothers, played with toy cars, footballs, dinosaur and monster toys, she did not love dolls or want to have tea parties, she was one of the boys! When I would be out and about with all five of my children people would say, "OH MY, you have 5 sons!" I would say no, one is a girl, she did not have hair until she was two and she looked like a little boy. Once her hair came in I made sure to try and put hair barretts or bows because she wanted to wear her brother's clothes. Even today she does not like dressing up, just for special outings, as you can see in the photo with her all time favorite grey sweatshirt, but when she does dress up she is radiant!

My little girl has grown up to become a beautiful young woman who works hard for what she wants! I am very proud of her. Believe me when I say we have had our ups and downs, those Mother/Daughter disagreements, but in the end they quickly pass. She is my most favorite little doll!

Now, my daughter is in the process of moving out, she has an apartment about an hour from home and will soon be starting a new job. She has been employed as a floral designer for nine years, at the same florist, so all of this is going to be a big change for her.
She started school at the ripe old age of 4, a week later when she turned 5 I gave her a stuffed kitten for her birthday, she immediately named it "Miss-Kitty" and Miss Kitty traveled many, many places with Laura for many, many years and has always slept on Laura's bed. Well, soon Miss Kitty will be moving out too. I had asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday, every year it is the gift of cash along with a little surprise to open. This year she said that she wanted Miss Kitty to have a new dress to match the colors that will be in her new bedroom, the decor will be shades of turquoise/creams/browns. . .her style is not like mine, she is more eclectic some old and new, no clutter and clean lines. Well, now Miss Kitty will not only have a new bed to sit upon but she will blend in sweetly with the decor.

I made Miss Kitty a new dress and she held a birthday card for Laura with some cash and sat next to a care package of some groceries! It is hard starting out on your own and like every Mom I wanted to make sure she had some "healthy" food and of course some chocolate!
I have a photo of Laura with "Miss Kitty" on her birthday when she turned five and my daughter today and if she was home today I would take a photo of her with Miss Kitty for old times sake. . .hopefully I can have a photo soon.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and to those of you who stopped by to visit my blog I promise next week I will come by to visit you, things have been really busy around here!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I enjoyed reading your story about her being a tomboy when you wanted a girly-girl! LOL! Reminds me of my own daughter!

Bettsi said...

Martha, your daughter is gorgeous! I love Miss Kitty too! My daughter is not very girly either. Oh, cruel irony!

Anonymous said...

mom, you're so sweet! thanks so much for everything you do! i know this is late, sorry! love you!

Martha said...

Thank you all for the compliments about my daughter, and dear daughter, thank you stopping by and leaving dear old mom a comment, visit me more often.