Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This month has flown by! I cannot believe it is almost October 1st. I have to admit this is my favorite time of year, the cooler weather, the leaves slowly changing into their autumn colors, making hearty meals for dinner, lighting more candles and getting to decorate for Halloween/Autumn. Yes, Autumn is my best friend when it comes to seasons.

For the last three years we have been going up to Vermont for Family Weekend where my son attends college, this is the first weekend in October. I not only get to see my son but to see the leaves in their bright New England colors painting the mountains with such beauty. It takes my breath away every time I go up there in the Fall. This year we will not be going. we were a day late and a dollar short and could not find anyplace near the college to stay. There were a few B&B's, but the cost was like a King's ransom. My son promised to take lots of photos for me, but it will not be the same. We are going for Thanksgiving though, we rented the little cottage were we usually stay. This will be our first Thanksgiving away from home and I have bittersweet feelings, one of my sons will stay at home and my daughter will not be able to go with us either, the bright spot is that I will get to see my son whom I have not seen since July. He is going to invite students and friends who will not have a place to go for Thanksgiving dinner, so that should make it fun. My husband has wanted to go up for Thanksgiving, so this year we are going in November instead. I hope we do not get snowed in, well, maybe I would not mind!

I have been busy decorating my house for the season. I wanted to take a few photos, but my camera batteries died out. After they charge I will take a few snapshots. I love to decorate and especially love to decorate for fall.

I have also been working on two more EFA dolls, a/k/a Edith Flack Ackley dolls. The will be listed on ebay this week, maybe this evening. The are two best new friends, Emma Sue and Bettsi Ann and will be having a tea party. I really enjoy making these dolls and of course after they are finished I take a bit of time to "play" with them, they are like a cloth version of a Ginny Doll or Betsy McCall.

I hope everyone has been well. I know I promised to stop by and visit my blogging friends and have not kept my word, I am sorry, but I will by dropping by soon, so have the tea and cookies ready!



Elaine said...

I'm pleased your ok Martha, it's been a while since we heard from you.

I love the new dolls, and look forward to seeing the photos of your home.

We've been decorating too, but more the stripping paper, re-papering and painting kind.

Love and blessings

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Glad to hear from you! Sorry about missing your Oct trip up north but happy that you can go for Thanksgiving.
Your dolls are adorable, as always. Betsy McCall is my all time favorite doll. The minute I saw your dolls this morning, I thought of her, even though she didn't have blonde hair. Something about the face made me see her.
Have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

I just happened to see and read your blog, loved it. Your dolls are so cute.
Your daughter is so beautiful. I never had a little girl till we got our granddaughter.
I hope that you will stop by.
Have a great day.

Bettsi said...

Hello, sweet Martha. I got your email- glad you liked the song- it is pretty. I loved opening your blog today and hearing "The Dance". Did you ever see the video? That song just gets me "right here", you know? I love the dollies!!!! But then again, you knew that, I'm sure! Are they small like Ginny? Sorry you are missing your yearly trip, but I think your family will do a lot of college orphans good by opening Thanksgiving to them. It will probably be one of your best Thanksgivings ever! ((((hugs)))