Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kitchen and New Table?

Here is a photo of my kitchen! I am loving it, well this half anyway!!! There was a problem with a drawer and the new range so I am now waiting for the base cabinets on the other side to be removed and moved over 3 inches so the drawer can open! The stove cannot be hooked up until after that is done, nor can the counter be installed. . .well, I wasn't planning on using the stove anyway ;) and at least now I have my sink, which I missed the most. Having to use a half-bath to do dishes and clean up is a bit daunting. It was funny after the plumber left though, I had been programmed to get water from the half-bath, it took me nearly a day to stop doing that. I am very happy with the quality of the workmanship and the outcome, a bit upset by the man who came out to measure though, just for a mere three inches it put everything off. Right now I have made makeshift counters so I can at least use that half for the microwave and taking out and putting things into the fridge! My husband does not know this yet, BUT tonight I am going to ask him if I can buy a new kitchen table, I have my eye on a round/white pedistal table . . .Please!
I have also done a bit of spring Easter decorating, I am skipping over St. Patty's Day! Wishing everyone a great day.


Jennie said...

Your kitchen is looking great. I'll keep my fingers crossed your husband said yes to the table!

Bettsi McComb said...

I love it! I love the paint color, the drawer pulls and I really love your glass fronted cabinet and the way you decorated it. So Cute! I hope you get the table, I can totally picture it- it's exactly right for the space.

P.S. I sure wish I could join you for some coffee in that nice kitchen! We could play dolls!