Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my son, Keith!

Happy 9th Birthday Keith!

Ok, he really is not nine, but he was born on February 29th, Leap Year. Keith is my adventerous son, he enjoys living life on the edge. . .he was in the Army, worked at several jobs and then decided it was time to go to college. He is a non-traditional student attending school in Vermont, Sterling College. He has always loved bears and last summer did an internship in Minnesota working with bears, he has traveled to James Bay and Iceland and around the USA, he loves to travel. So, today we wish him a very happy 9th birthday. . .Love, Mom

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Anne Sutton said...

Hi Martha, I'll say a little prayer for your Zoe. Please let me know how her test comes out. Happy Birthday to your son. One of mine travels too. He is working in Spain right now.

Chelsea send zoe her love.