Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Surpise Visit

Today I was wishing that I would hear the doorbell ring and when I answered the door standing there would be an old friend - a surpise visit - I live in a neighborhood where everyone goes to work and my friends are far away, maybe I was having a case of the winter blahs, but I was wishing to have company. So, to chase away the blues I went to the Borders Bookstore and TJMaxx, it was nice to get out, but it would have been better if I had a friend to go with me, or just come over to visit.


Jennie said...

aww I love that picture! Look how glad they look to see each other!
And if I lived anywhere near you and not many many miles away, I would have called around to your house for a surprise visit! Borders bookstore is a great way to chase away the blues!

Martha said...

HI, I love my Bleuettes, they look so lifelike when they pose for a photo. I had taken this picture last spring, they were getting ready to decorate Easter Eggs. I did this for the Bleuette doll group I belong to. The poor dears are waiting in there night gowns for some new clothes!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Dear Martha,
If i lived in the same neighborhood, i'd surely pick you up and go for lunch, and visit all the antique stores (they dont have many dolls tho, which is sad). I was the very same way, until i went back to work.
I hope your winter blahs have gone away!!!!

Many Big Dollie hugs,