Friday, May 10, 2013

A new sofa
A few changes have taken place around here. 
Well, mostly in my family room...I ordered a new sofa and it arrived last week end.  I never liked the furniture in there, it was typical family room fare, but not my taste and did not go with the rest of the house.  My family room is mostly in reds/whites/and blues and holds things that are dear to me heart and would not want to part with, so that is how the color scheme took place.
My new sofa is a Johnston Benchworks sofa in a red/creamy white check.  I have dreamt of this sofa for nearly 10 years and I love it.  I found two navy and white tiny print on Craigslist, talk about a lucky fine, they are Pennsylvania House chairs and they were a steal.  The house where I picked up the chairs was to die for, they had so many wonderful antiques and furniture and a collection of stoneware like you would not believe, actually a collection of so many great items.  He had a wonderful old cupboard that I fell in love with, but there was no way I could have brought it home.
Here is a picture of my sofa and  my dining room with some azalea blooms I brought inside, never thought of doing that before!

Below is the chair, one of two, this was before the sofa arrived.  The red/blue pillow was made by my mother about 30 years ago, I love this pillow, she used two old velvet dresses and it is all hand stitched!

I also want to wish each and everyone a Happy Mother's Day!
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Simply Shelley said...

I love your new sofa! I hope your mother's day was wonderful to....blessings