Monday, October 3, 2011

I will start at the beginning of where I ended!

My last blog post was before Easter-so much time has passed and the days and months have flown by! 

Summer began with my grandsons coming to spend their summer vacation with us.  We enjoy having them and they love being here with us, so from the beginning of June to the end of August we are blessed with both of them.  They keep us busy for sure,; soon they will be getting too old to come and stay here so we enjoy every minute with them.

Helping to water the garden.

2011-stuff 001

2011-stuff 029

A fun day at a farm picking blueberries, peaches and flowers with me and their Aunt Laura.

2011-stuff 033

And getting to enjoy the freshly made blueberry muffins and other goodies from the orchards.

2011-stuff 040

2011-stuff 039

They also went to NYC and enjoyed going to visit the Statue of Liberty, Liberty State Park and Ellis Island.  The rest of the time they played outside climbing trees, riding bikes and scooters or playing video games.  They also enjoyed going to the movies with their Aunt and Uncle.  We also celebrated some birthdays-mine being one, but a very special First Birthday for my daughter’s best friends little girl.  So the days, weeks and months flew by and before I knew it my grandsons were heading back home to begin another school year.July 4-NYC 165

July 4-NYC 057

I spent the days working in the yard and doing little things around the house, one was organizing, but all of that happened after Hurricane Irene hit…we were very lucky with only some downed limbs and branches and lots of rain…it was not until after she passed we were without power for nearly four days, which caused the finished basement to flood, took a couple of days to find a generator to get the sump pump working and then the dreadful chore of cleanup in the basement.  It was funny because being without power we adapted to it-BUT the evening the power came back on we did rejoice!  After I had finished cleaning and organizing the basement just in time for Labor Day Weekend the air conditioner stopped working-and it was a hot and humid  weekend.  I knew what had happened to the unit but did not want to blow the house up trying to get the furnace back on to have the air start working, so we spent a sweltering holiday weekend and once again, we rejoiced after the unit began working.  We were truly one of the lucky ones, there was so much damage all around our area and of course the other states hard hit, one being my beloved Vermont!

After a quick weekend trip to Orlando to watch my grandsons so their mommy and daddy could attend festivities with friends the boys and I enjoyed Downtown Disney and Magic Kingdom, the younger one loved taken photos and I love this photo of them-many more memories were created that last weekend in September.


I came home to enjoy our cooler fall weather and to do a bit of autumn/Halloween decorating.  I have wanted to make a scarecrow to usher in Autumn and being inspired by the creative scarecrows in Magic Kingdom I made my own version for the back flower bed (that was another project I took on in early spring, you can never have too many flowers!)  Wish I made this Scarecrow Lady earlier because she actually keeps the deer out of this little garden.  The cost of deer repellant over the course of the season gets to be expensive.  Last night the deer, and we have at least 5-7 visiting, stopped and just stared at here and ran off!  You can see where they nibbled the flowers down prior to Missy Crow Lady standing guard!

Fall 2011 002

The biggest news of all though was when my daughter called me on Saturday night after going to dinner with her boyfriend…she called to tell me that he asked her to marry him and now she is engaged!  So in the next few weeks we will start planning for a late spring/early summer wedding.  They have been dating for a long time and I think she had given up hope on hearing the question-his plan was to truly surprise her when she least expected it and he certainly did!  This photo was taken in June at her best friend’s daughter’s First Birthday party…the happy couple!  (Off to the far right is my grandson enjoying his party food!)

July 4-NYC 023

So, for now I say goodbye and leave you with a photo of my kitchen window display and my deck looking toward my dear Scarecrow Lady – I have more photos to share and will be back soon – not wait again for months – promise~!Fall 2011 006

Fall 2011 008

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Shelley said...

So good to hear from you again...glad all is well. Congratulations on your daughters engagement. I love your Missy Scarecrow ...makes me want to make one too....can't wait to see your other decorating pictures....I knew you would be back eventually...wasn't going to give up on you :) Blessings