Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Good/Bad/Ugly!

I will start with the GOOD . . .A Primitive Place will be publishing its very FIRST publication coming out August 2010!  I am really looking forward to this because I know that the women creating this publication will not only put their heart and soul into it but it will be a publication that will cover articles and homes that I am interested in.  It is so hard today to find a magazine totally devoted to publishing photos of homes and articles that are related to the colonial/early American and primitive style that so many of us love! Take a moment and go visit there home page to read more about it.  I am looking forward to the first issue! Just click on the above sentence and take a little trip to visit.

Here is the cover of the first issue, doesn’t that make you want to subscribe today!  You can also visit the wonderful blog with so many fun and inspiring post.  Go ahead and take a peek, you will be happy you did!  Just click on the last sentence and it will take you there!


Now for the BAD. . .well, in the end it will be a good thing, just that I do not deal well with confusion.  Today the workmen are here redoing the main bathroom upstairs.  New tiles/tub/fixtures, keeping the original vanity, which I plan on painting down the road in the very near future.  Anyway, I do not deal well with workers in my home, the in/out, sawing/hammers/drills/dirt/all the mess and confusion which brings me to the UGLY. . .the bathroom was showing her age and like almost all old things it looked worn out (exception here, please note-antiques and well worn items like pewter and redware/crocks/old bowls/quilts and many more are not part of this equation, with age they are more and more beautiful. . .wish I could say the same about me!)  Anyways, the bathroom was failing and then a pipe  started to leak and now there is damage on the ceiling in the half bath downstairs!  The ceiling needs to be removed (part of it) and repaired and then the dreadful job of painting it, I do not enjoy painting ceilings!  So, to add to the UGLY, the half bath ceiling looks awful and I dread the moment today when they cut it out!  I do not deal well with a BIG MESS!  The men are well aware of my hang-ups and reassured me they will do whatever it takes to keep the mess under control. 

I am really looking forward to when I can get my home back in order and enjoy the new bathroom (well. . .I do not use that bathroom it is family, my two sons and daughter).  For me it will be organizing it all starting with cleaning and then decorating it again!

Later this morning I want to go out and plant my flower seeds to get them started, it has been so cold here lately, but will be warming up for the weekend.  I want the plants to get started so AFTER the new deck is built in a few weeks they should be big enough to plant once that job is complete. I do not want my little seedlings to be trampled upon!

We are going with the new composite material that will never need painting. . .another job I did not enjoy doing, painting the deck.  I just have to decide on a color, I keep changing my mind but need to decide by the end of today!House April 2010 013For fun I am sharing this farm house print that hangs in my dining room, I love prints that relate to farms and farm living, it takes me back to my roots growing up on a farm in upstate New York. (I think if you click on the photo you can enlarge it.) I loved living on that farm and have such great memories of spending summer vacation just being outside in my own private playground! I have been collecting the little bisque people and animals for a few years, I have found them here and there but I love how the relate to the print.  I had many more, they were once displayed on a wall shelf that came crashing down and many were broken beyond repair!  I learned a valuable lesson back then, shelves cannot be hung with itty-bitty nails, the size of a straight pin!

May your day be filled with sunshine and happy memories of your childhood and new memories in the making! 




Collector's Corner said...

You are more beautiful to me every day!


The Crafty Crow said...

Hi Martha,

My name is Ronda, nice to meet you. I do a daily stroll to find a new friend, today I have found you. I add a link to your blog and keep it there for a few days. I hope that some of my followers will visit you as well. Have a beautiful Sunday and stop over to visit me sometime.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Martha Sweetie...
While blog hopping today I found your beautiful blog home. I try to make a new blog friend each week. Your blog is just beautiful, and I love your little raggedy ann doll. She is just precious.

I read through and loved the way you got the little gal to the baby shower in her honor ofcourse. You are a clever one. That was cute of you and DD. Sweet picture of the two of them too.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful farm photo today. I love it.

I have signed up to follow your blog. I can't wait to see what you share next. Please stop by and say hi. I would be so honored if you signed up to follow my blog as well.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Les D said...

awwww mikey your too adorable<3 so sweet!:)

martha hang in there, i can just hear/see you now:) cannot wait to see the changes, even you can make a bathroom look beautiful!! ive missed a few of your entries so im off to read on:) xoxo your daughter, les<3

Rainy said...

I love your font! I will have to go check out the magazine, thanks for the link.