Monday, May 4, 2009

April Showers Bring Mayflowers-and now we need a Mayflower ship to get around!

This is the little cape cod house we rent when we go to Vermont.
I t has everything we need and it is a very quaint and charming little house! I wish it was mine!

We had some really warm/sunny days last week, then the temperatures drop to a more seasonable temperature and now we have been having rain, lots and lots of rain. It is really make the grass grow and the leaves went from little buds to full fledged leaves. My perennial flower beds out front are really growing now too! With all the rain we were not able to enjoy the pretty flowers on the trees in the front yard for a long time, one minute they were pink buds, then flowers and now heavy rain is making them start to fall. The branches are hanging so low from the weight of the rain on the blossoms that it creates a little canape. I am hoping the rain lets up, Thursday we are driving to Vermont and I want to have my lawn mowed before we go! I also do not enjoy driving for over 7 hours in rain!

Saturday I took a little drive to Flemington, New Jersey. There used to be the Platzgraff outlet there, I learned it closed the end of December! They had some wonderful things at a really good price, but now they are gone. A lot of the quaint shops are now gone too. There was one shop that had some nice little items for the home. I bought a black/white woven table runner for my kitchen table, the words Made in Vermont caught my eye and the price was just right! I also bought a few candles and a bag of cinnamon scented rose hips. I then went and browsed in an antique shop and all I found there were some old and in great shape Matchbox Cars for my hubby. He has a BIG collection of vintage Matchbox cars so he was very happy with his gift when I brought them home for him!

This is a peek of my hubby's den/office!

The Matchbox display case is filled with vintage Matchbox Cars and the back
opens and stores the original boxes the cars came in, some of these are very old dating from 1955. His den has glass enclosed cabinets to showcase his cars and other Matchbox related stuff.
On the bottom right near the bottom you can see a drawing done by my Grandson, Sage. It is Raggedy Andy! This is extra special for me because I make Raggedy Ann dolls! I told my husband his cars may be worth a lot , BUT that drawing is priceless and he agrees!
On Tuesday and Wednesday I will be getting things ready for the drive to Vermont for my son's graduation. I hope the weather is nice once we arrive, I am hoping they can have the graduation outside!
I also want to wish my daughters in law, my neices, sisters and all the Moms out there a very happy and special Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day


Bettsi said...

Smooch! A very happy Mother's Day to you too, dear Martha!

Elaine said...

Hello Martha, we had our Mother's day during lent, but I hope yours is special.
And you have an award too, on my blog.

Love and blessings

Shelley said...

Hi Martha,hope your Mother's day was wonderful....