Thursday, March 19, 2009

Right Around the Corner. . .

Spring is waiting to make her grand entrance. In fact I even found traces of her getting ready to come back until our dear friend summer comes along. When I think of spring I think of the Crayola crayon named Spring Green, for me that sums it all up nicely. . . spring green!

I am looking forward to the warmer days, but for now I am enjoying the time inside to work on little craft projects and making more of my Raggedy Ann style dolls to sell on eBay. After the weather gets warmer I spend time outside working in my flower beds! I miss my patchwork flower beds and look forward to their return every year.
This is a little wool applique bunny pillow I made, it was a fun project and this little pillow fits nicely in a cupboard, shelf or even on a chair with a little larger pillow for a backdrop.

Last weekend my husband and I went into town to browse around the "antique" stores. In my opinion the stuff is more flea market like, but sometimes you can find a great little surprise tucked away in a corner.

I found this sweet Fresh Eggs Box to use with my Mama and baby Chicks for a little spring display in the kitchen. I love this box! I also found a great wooden dough board and a mason jar with a zinc lid, I love those and have a few. They are perfect for storing stuff, I use mine all the time for storage or display.

I also found a precious little desk, but did not buy it, it was darling. I did not want to spend the money just yet. . .well two days later I had to spend double the price of the desk to have a plumber come out and fix the drain in the shower! Isn't odd how sometimes you will not buy something because you think it is too much or not in the budget yet you can write out a check for something, in my opinion, a waste, like a clogged drain! Once I calmed down I thanked God that we had the extra money to have to work done, such is life.

This white rabbit was a gift to my daughter many years ago, I love this guy, he lives in my doll cabinet, but this year I brought him out to take his picture with a Raggedy Ann doll I made. They are "holding" a very old Easter post card that was sent to my husband's uncle, it is postmarked 1921! I made this Raggedy Ann to sell on eBay, but I have taken a big liking to her and cannot part with her! Mr. Bunny is now just sitting in a chair in the front hall, I think I will leave him out for a little while, he is really very precious!

Some of my Raggedy Girls I am selling on eBay. Two of my auctions already ended. I am always so happy when someone "adopts" one of my Raggedy girls! The one dressed in yellow is mine for now!

Another sign of Spring, buds on the trees. Yesterday was a nice day to photo the dolls outside for listing on eBay!

I like my dolls to look old and well loved, as if a young child had played with them and then they were tucked away to be rediscovered and loved again.

Today I wish for everyone a spring in your step as you go about your day!


Shelley said...

Hi Martha,I always love seeing your sweet dolls,and other things. The bunny pillow is very cute,and thanks for sharing your daughter's old friend,Thelittle white bunny....have a blessed Lord's day...Shelley

Elaine said...

((Martha)) You always have such lovely photos, and this post is no exception! And you know I love to see your Annies, they are so sweet.

Love and blessings

Karen said...

Hi Martha, well I made it here!
Very nice Blog and your Easter gathering is just adorable. That egg box looks really old is it?

Cute dolls too!

Thanks for all the e-mails today and glad you are considering the PA Gathering.

Hugs, Karen
My Colonial Home Blog

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Martha - I especially love the bunny pillow - it really sings SPRING!!

hugs, Linda