Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Room-Before-During and After

Getting older is slowing me down! It is taking me longer to get my house back together, I was hoping to be all finished, but in the process I am also doing a major cleaning of everything before I put it back. I vacuum and dust everyday but with workers in the house that was not possible! With the house being torn apart I want to make sure all the glass on the pictures have been cleaned, windows washed, everything dusted really well and furniture vacuumed and the floors polished before it is put back. I am calling it my Spring Cleaning!
My family room is all back together. I am almost finished cleaning the living room and dining room and then a bit of tweaking, but for the most part they are back in order. The kitchen is cleaned but I am cleaning all the "stuff" before putting it away. I should be finished today! Yeah! I am also doing a bit of Springtime and Easter decorating at the same time.
Some photos of my family room before (Christmas two years ago), during (when I no longer could stand the panel and had to paint it, thanks to Linda at Behind my Red Door!) and after (with the new mantel, the carpenter was also a great salesman! A mantle was not in the plans, but I went for it!) The old mantel was just a flat board, very ugly, the entire room I thought was ugly, now I really enjoy being in here since this is where my computer desk is.

I also want to point out a little bunny dressed in red/white and blue on the bookcase. My daughter in law, Leslie, made this a few years ago. She is very talented as is her daughter, my granddaughter, Micaela. Leslie makes some very unique style dolls when time allows for her. I leave this little rabbit girl out year round; in the basket are the tiniest little wood eggs she painted in red/white and blue designs, they are about the size of a babies pinkie nail! I love this little set.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day!


Shelley said...

It's beautiful, blessed you are to have such a big,beautiful family room. Bet,you all will make many memories there...have a blessed week...

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

It looks beautiful Martha!! You must be so relieved to have it done.

I love the color you chose, It is such a nice backdrop for everything.

hugs, Linda