Sunday, January 11, 2009

A House, Housework and Crafting!

Today I want to show you a picture of what I think is a lovely home in Vermont. I love houses, especially old houses that have been renovated. . .I love anything to do with decorating and have often said if I could I would own 3-4 houses and each would have a different country style. We love Vermont and it has been a dream of mine to move there, but it is just a dream!

I had found this home while doing an internet search and saved it in favorites because it is located in Craftsbury, VT and that is where my son goes to school. Yesterday before leaving to take him to the train station I showed him the picture of the house and said that in May when I go up for his graduation I was going on a hunt to try and find it! He looked and made a comment and pretended to be interested, then he STOPPED and said show me that house again. I brought up the picture and article and he said he knew exactly where it was because he stayed there for a night; his friend was house-sitting and had asked if she could have friends over until she became used to the house, the owner said fine, so my son and another friend went to stay overnight. He said I would LOVE the house, that it is just like in the photos. I was so surprised!

You can read the article here at the New Old House Magazine and see a couple interior shots. If you go to Sandra Vitzhum's website here can see more interior photos and other projects done by her. She also did the library where my son attends school. I sat on the porch of the library looking at the views and did not want to leave! I was very, very surprised to learn that my son had been in a home that I find so charming! Maybe in the spring they will give me a tour! I think it is a great house.

Now, I have some house work to do, I think this is how I will get it finished today:

1. First I will open a new file in my PC

2. Then I will name it "Housework"

3. After that I will send it to the RECYCLE BIN

4. Once it is in the recylce bin I will empty the RECYCLE BIN

5. My PC will ask me, "Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently?"

6. I will answer calmly, "Yes," and press the mouse button firmly....

And housework will no longer be necessary in my house! If only it could be that easy. BTW-My brother sent me the above!

Once housework is taken care of I will start my block of the month square, which I plan on making into a little pillow and I may make a few changes in the design though! Stay tuned for more.

Happy Sunday!


Linda said...

Oh yes - IF ONLY - and we could put ironing, laundry, shoveling, raking leaves and pulling weeds in folders like that too!

ctlogcabin said...

Martha ~~ I too like your idea for getting rid of house work. Love the quilt on your bed in the earlier post. EnJoy your day !!
Hugs ~ Connie xox

ctlogcabin said...

Martha ~ Coming over to give you a Hug ~ Love what you said on my blog about the letters you cherish from your Mom & your
Mother in-law. You had me in tears.
Sending Warm CT Hugs ~ Connie xox

Carla said...

How funny! I'd love to do that with housework.

Linda said...

Love the housework idea! LOL
I live in Barre, VT and my folks just happen to have a camp on Lake Eligo. When we go to camp we often take the short trip to Craftsbury. Next summer I will have to see if we can find the house you mentioned! It really is cute! I like their stone path! Hope your son is doing well in school & staying warm in our below zero weather!!