Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Pilgrim and an Indian

I wanted to share this photo of my grandsons, these are my oldest son, Kirk and his wife Katherine's two boys, Sage and Cole.
Remember when you were in school and before the Thanksgiving holiday you were taught about the Pilgrims and the Indians and always had a project to make something as either a Pilgrim or Indian and learn all about the first Thanksgiving and sometimes even put on a little play; I was happy to see that they are still doing this. I know when my children were in school they enjoyed doing this and as for me, well I think I may have been one of the original Indians and this was not taught in the grade school where I went.
Sage is the Pilgrim and Cole is the Indian, in class Cole was Brave Fast Cheetah! Cole's class is the one who made the costumes and Sage wanted to join in the spirit of the holiday! I wish that they were going to be gathered around my Thanksgiving Day table, we miss our Pilgrim and Indian a lot.
Bright and early tomorrow my husband and I are going to be Pilgrims and venture to Vermont to spend the holiday with my son, he can be the Indian!
Again, wishing everyone a safe and blessed holiday.

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Shelley said...

Hope your Thanksgiving day was wonderful. The picture of your grandsons is very sweet.