Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tick-Tock go the hands on the clock. . .

And I was wasting time! Precious time, but today I could not seem to get motivated to do anything worthwhile! I waited for the mail, I need some supplies for making my dolls, but it did not arrive today :( My fabric store went out of business and now it is difficult for me to find what I need.

I am not one to waste time and I always have to have something to be doing, some sort of project. Since I could not work on my dolls, well I could or should be making doll-bodies, but the fabric is "aging" out on the line right now.
I found little things to do, like arrange matches in a tin box! Yes, you read that right, when we had the kitchen redone I put the matches in a Ziploc bag to keep them dry and safe; I use them to light my candles and in case of an emergency you never know when they will come in handy. So, I tossed out the books with one or two matches in them and made the rest all fit neatly into a Hershey tin box because the box fit perfectly in my potholder drawer next to the stove. I am a neat freak, BTW! So that took all of five minutes, now what?
I had two avocados and decided to make guacamole, I hate to cook, what was I thinking! Make guacamole, heck I can barely spell it, but I went ahead and started having no idea what I was doing! I took out my mini food processor which I think I used twice (I said I hate to cook) and cut up the avocado and turned on the processor, nothing happened, so I had to take some out. Now it has this spout thingy on the top and I had seen on a TV cooking show you can add stuff through that spout, so I poured in some Olive Oil and it just sat in the spout, I went to high speed, low speed and pulse, still nothing happened. I took it apart, what looked like little holes were really little "teeth" to push food through, so I added the oil manually! Now for some spices, this stuff was now as smooth as silk and an ugly shade of green! I was starting to think that I had completely wasted time and two avocados! I finally finshed, took a taste and it was pretty darn good! Took out some crackers and had a snack, now I looked at the clock and the time was flying by.

I had a mess to clean, still had to vacuum and start dinner, so I raced around and finished those chores, next I need to photo another Raggedy Ann doll to list on ebay this evening! So, my day went from what I thought was boring to passing by quickly, now I need to stop the hands on the clock from ticking for a little while. I need to take a break!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

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Elaine said...

OOooo Martha, I just looked at your new Annie. She is just gorgeous.

I had a fabric delivery yesterday, and already used some but you'll have to wait for the photos, I'll put some on my blog when I've finished the batch of animals I'm working on at the moment.

Love and blessings