Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning Surprise!

Don't you love surprises? I sure do, and when it is so unexpected it makes it so much more special.

Well, this morning I went out to put some letters in the mailbox and saw a package, I was upset because I knew this meant I had missed the mailman, and I was thinking the package was something my hubby had won on ebay. I was walking up the driveway and read the address label, it was addressed to ME! I tore it open to find some of the sweetest fabric to use for my doll making! And the surprise was from Eileen. If you do not know Eileen from Eileen's Attic you are missing out on viewing some terrific quilts she makes and dresses for Bleuette and Hitty, she has even carved her own Hitty doll! You can find her blog here: Eileen's Attic and her website here: Eileen's Attic website . You will enjoy seeing all the creative things she makes.
I truly love each piece of fabric and my head is spinning thinking about what doll will be wearing what dress once I make them!

HUGS . . .you did not have to do this, but I am SO HAPPY you did! And I want to add:


eileen said...

You are very welcome Martha :) But you forgot to mention that this was a THANK YOU for the wonderful little Dutch shoes and things that you sent to me in the mail last week.. and you were not even expecting anything in return. :) So Thank YOU.
The picture of the needlebook is darling!
I hope you can find a use for every piece of fabric. If anyone can, its you.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

How sweet! Surprise like that are so special and really make your day. What a nice friend to send you thsoe things!

Martha said...

Yes, Dear Eileen, but you knew that something was coming your way, I had no idea and that made it so special, a great surprise! And, I love every piece of fabric, my next Raggedy that I will be starting tomorrow is going to get a dress from one of those pieces! Did you enlarge the needlebook, it has a message to you!