Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm A Little Tea Pot!

I love a good cup of tea, my favorite tea is Earl Grey. I love sweet ice tea in the warmer months as well.

Last weekend my husband and I went to the antique shops downtown. I really enjoy browsing antique shops always hoping to find a little treasure. Since my kitchen is now complete I wanted a teapot that would "fit-in", I am fussy that way, not any teapot would do. I wanted something in black/white and if lucky enough with a touch of silver/stainless color. . .I was so surprised when I looked on a shelf and there was the perfect teapot. It is Harker Pottery, Modern Age-The Ware of Tomorrow-Oldest in America. The image is a young woman at a piano, and another "older" woman standing by with a fan in her hand. There is a flickering candle on the piano, a very charming silhouette image, the pattern line is Colonial Lady. The other side has a woman sitting near a large open hearth, this is the image in the photo. This dinnerware line was made in Chester, West Virginia in the 1930's. I love my new teapot, I have only filled it with boiling water to use to make tea with my teabags. I like to drink tea in my old ironstone cups. (A long story about how I acquired these dishes, but a post for another time.) I find a cup of tea a very easy way to sit and relax, a cup of tea and an issue of a decorating magazine or good book, now that is something special.
Wishing all a good day,

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Jennie said...

The teapot is lovely! I love Earl Grey as well!