Monday, March 10, 2008

A Happy Little Bleuette!

Yeah! Finally a new spring dress for my little gal. Many Bleuette collectors dress their dolls in authenic clothes, but for me a dress is a dress and I enjoy creating my own styles. I have made a few of the real-deal, but so many patterns are in French and to make matters worse I have a very difficult time following a pattern. Except for the Edith Flack Ackley dolls, which I make, I never use a pattern for the other dolls I create, such as my Raggedy Ann dolls. So, tomorrow I will make her "sister" her new dress while this one dances around singing a happy little song!

(I included a photo of them two Spring-times ago"coloring Easter Eggs". There is something special about these little dolls, you can pose them so sweetly and they are fun to dress, except for their wobbly legs! If you love dolls they are a fun doll to collect.)


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Jennie said...

The Bleuette dolls are so gorgeous. I wish I could afford one :/ they are quite rare here I think.
I shall just have to admire yours!
I also like Jumeau dolls. I think they are really pretty.