Sunday, March 16, 2008

Corn Beef and Cabbage?

All day today I was craving corn beef and cabbage, but I am still waiting for my range to be connected. Tomorrow I will have the completion of my kitchen counters! That makes me very happy and then my range will be connected.

So, anyway, all day I was wishing to have corn beef and cabbage and boiled potatos. . .but I did not have way of cooking it. . .then the bulb went off in my head. . .my crock-pot. My hubby and I went to the supermarket and I bought everything I needed and then some.

So, my St. Patrick's Day meal is cooking, but I will have to wait until tomorrow, a crock pot is also called a s l o w c o o k e r ! I guess that is fine, since tomorrow is St. Patty's Day! Smelling this cooking is making me so very hungry.

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Jennie said...

Fantastic idea! I love slow cookers, they make everything taste just that bit nicer!