Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kitchen-Good News-Bad News

Day Two: I am anxious for the work to be finished so I can enjoy my new kitchen, now by enjoy I mean put the house back together, being able to display my white ironstone china in my glass front cabinet along with a little seasonal decoration! (see photo of my little corner glass front cabinet-sitting on a dropcloth) Putting my stuff back up and just looking at the newness of it all. I love the look my new gas stove, I will be able to fit a turkey, 3 pies, vegtables and other foods instead of having to cook everything on item at a time, my wall oven was so small. WAIT, what am I saying, I am not going to use the new range, this way it will look brand new forever. . .we can eat out, heck, we have gotten used to eating microwave food, cereal and can goods, that should work. Yes, the new kitchen will look new forever because I will rope it off with velvet ropes. . . (at least for a day!) Bottom line, it is still a mess as the electrician is here and there is a long way to go, but I AM LOVING IT so far!

Now, we had a lot of snow yesterday. The cabinets are being stored in the garage, last words I heard were keep the garage locked up and do not let these get wet. Well, my daughter's car was covered in snow, she only cleaned off the windows and the snow remained on the rest of the car, overnight the snow of course melted and made its way to where the cabinets were stored. The base cabinets and all the trim work got wet! I brought in the trim and dried it off, but the cabinets are too heavy for me to left so I had to scoot them as best I could onto the dry area of the garage floor. My carpenter is not here yet, he said he would arrive after the electrians left. . .so I am hoping with all my heart that the cabinets have not be "hurt". . .

Update: My carpenter arrived and he said the cabinets should be fine, but he will know more after he inspects them, he was more concerned over the trim work, but said since I brought the stuff inside, dried it off, they should be fine, ok, on the count of three everyone X their fingers!

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