Friday, February 22, 2008

And off we go!

When it snows way up North or in the Midwest, most times life does not come to a standstill. When it snows in Central New Jersey, well everything stops! Now tomorrow, February 23 is going to be a special day for Raggedy Ann, Anne and Annie, you see they are supposed to be entered in a Doll Show and they are so looking forward to this event. They are calling it a “Beauty-Contest”. This morning when they saw all the snow that had fallen over night, and it was still snowing they were afraid they would not be able to make it to the Doll Show! They took matters into their own hands and were going to get there by a sled ride. The poor dears were outside for sometime until I spotted them, one thing they did not know was that they needed someone to pull the sled (Where was Andy when he was needed?) I brought them inside and told them not to worry, that we would be able to go, because you see in New Jersey you can have snow one day and the next day it warms up and melts away quickly. . .now where are they off to! Oh my, enough blogging for today, I have caught them in my sewing room, their little dresses are wet and it appears they are going to make some new dresses. . . In true Raggedy Ann fashion always into mischief!

*I made these little gals awhile back, I enjoy making my version of Raggedy Ann, the one sitting on the front of the sled I made last month, I was going to list her on eBay but never got around to it. . .the kitchen remodel got in the way, so for now she is living here with her “two sisters” who will never be leaving home!*



eileensattic said...

I hope these darlings all get to stay, AND get new dresses!

Martha said...

The little one in the middle and the one on the left side of the sled will be staying, they belong to my husband, he "adopted" them so they can never leave home. Thanks for stopping by.

Bettsi McComb said...

Martha, tell your girls congratulations on their wins! I wonder if their mother needs to make pageant banners and little tiaras for them too? LOL! You do have some adorable girls!