Thursday, January 17, 2008

My First Post on my Blog!

Hello everyone! I created a "blog" spot a few months ago, but never did anymore with it. Today I thought it would be a great day to get started, so this is my first post! I guess this is like writing in a diary, but you left it open and lost the key.

I am not to sure of what I am doing, but I love to try new things and half the fun is in learning.

Who am I? I sometimes wonder that myself. My name is Martha and I make dolls, love to "decorate" my house, love to garden, flower gardens that is and I am a Wife, a mother of 4 sons and one daughter and Grandmother to 3 charming/adorable little guys and one lovely granddaughter.

So, that is who I am for the outside world to see, but inside I am still a little girl of 10 who loves dolls and small china tea sets and swings, sitting on the grass, making a snowman and reading children's story books.

1 comment:

Jennie said...

Hi Martha,
I've only being blogging for a short while but I do like it a lot! Your blog is lovely!